About Us

Our Mission

Magdalene Home exists to give teen girls who are pregnant or parenting a safe and supervised place to live.

The girls must

  • attend high school
  • learn parenting and life skills
  • set realistic goals for themselves and their children

Magdalene Home is founded on Christian teachings about the God-given dignity and value of every human life. Our doors are open to any girl in need, without regard to race or religion. However, no religious affiliation or practices are required of any resident.

More About Us


Our home is staffed on a 24/7 basis by housemothers who provide guidance, supervision, and encouragement to the young mothers as they learn how to succeed in their daily lives.

Each of the girls is offered the opportunity to have a one-to-one mentor. Christian mentors are included through the Youth for Christ program if she chooses.


Through our service to young girls in need, we also meet some key needs of the larger community. We provide a haven for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, a step up from poverty and homelessness, a way out of drugs and alcohol, and an opportunity for the girls to further their education. We all benefit as these girls develop the skills to be good mothers and face adult life with confidence. In helping our girls turn their lives around, we work closely with the courts and school system.

Magdalene Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Our board of directors consists of civic and religious leaders from the local (Southern Oregon) community. As a non-profit, Magdalene Home depends upon donations from supporters to continue our mission. Monthly pledge donors are particularly crucial to our success. If you would like to assist us with a donation of any amount, please contact us.