Our Home Today

In 2018, Magdalene Home is celebrating 17 years of serving young mothers and their children since September 2001. Since our doors opened, we have served over 235 young mothers and almost as many babies. Our waiting list has been as high as 42 girls! As the only shelter for homeless parenting or pregnant teens in southern Oregon, we get referrals from Jackson, Josephine, Lake, and Klamath counties on a regular basis. We have even provided safety and security to young mothers from California and Arizona.


In November of 2003, we had an unexpected opportunity to purchase a home. We had to trust that the Lord would provide for such a major expansion. Our trust was not misplaced: the necessary funds came in from committed supporters, and the deal was done.

In 2009 we received our first bequest, allowing us to pay off our mortgage and start a modest endowment fund. We are hoping that more of our donors will consider us in their wills, so that the future of Magdalene Home will be secure.

Service organizations, church groups, foundations, volunteers with special skills, government agencies, and generous donors —all are important reasons for our continued success.


Our Home continues to be a haven of stability for girls desperately in need of a stable home environment. When they move into our home, they learn skills to survive in the world as well as the comfort and love of a family. Often this is the first time they have been exposed to family dinners, a violence-free atmosphere and structure. We are happy to be part of a change in each young mother’s life here at Magdalene Home!


“I love it all. I love being here. I love the girls. I love the house moms. I’ve never had a home like this before.”

-Former Magdalene Home Resident